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Frankenfish rocked! It had many of the elements that I love! 1. Backwoods setting (Louisiana bayou) 2. Secret scientific coverup 3. giant marauding beasties 4. tough hunter type guy who gets his just desserts 5. smarmy guy who’s not so bad but also get his just desserts 6. bad dialogue 7. hippie pot smoking naked […]

Bone Snatchers


Bone Snatchers was beyond bad. Everything about the premise, characters’ actions, etc. was asinine. The pretend science behind the story was hilarious and made 24’s “whatever technology” seem plausible. The CGI was actually not bad, mostly. The funniest part of it? At the end, as the camera sweeps over the Sahara desert, there’s a small […]

Boa v. Python


Boa v. Python rocked. It actually made me laugh out loud in several junctures, particularly in the exciting conclusion where Boa and Python face off. The CGI is so incredibly poorly done that it made me squee in delight. The storytelling was preposterous, the acting horrendous and the romance between protagonists laughable. The idea that […]

Raptor Island


Just the opening sequence makes this movie worth your time if you appreciate the genre. You will find yourself giggling madly and repeatedly rewinding the endangered plane in a storm, which is a wooden model held up by strings that you can actually see very clearly through the fake stormclouds. Let’s hear it for the […]



I was not very impressed with Octopus. Here’s what happened: some Russian sub was supposed to bring Castro several containers of toxic waste back in 1962. The sub got sunk and the toxic waste leaked out, somehow creating a very large and mean octopus that lived in the ocean for more than 40 years without […]



This review will suck, because I only kind of half-watched, half-slept and half-made out with my boyfriend while the movie was on. Basically, a chupacabra finds its way onto a cruise ship and proceeds to eat lots of people. They have to call in some really lame Navy SEALS who say things like “BooYA!!!” approximately […]

This one’s got the usual SciFi quality graphics, which were awesomely bad. In a nutshell, every volcano in the world is about to erupt all at one time, so the on-the-fringe scientist and his crack team of grad students have to find a way to stop the extinction of all life on the planet. To […]