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I love it when they start out in ancient time. A gargoyle is being chased by an old-school lynch mob, with torches and pitchforks and everything. But the gargoyle is stuck by an arrow shot by a priest. He falls in a hole, and mob covers him up with a rock. That oughta do the […]



Yeah, that’s the only title it needs. No subtitle or colon or parenthetical add-on. Just Ice. Poor Jake. First his girlfriends all break up with him, then his bike shop burns down…oh wait. Wrong show. We all remember Grant Show from Melrose Place. In this film, he’s back in LA, playing our good-looking tough guy […]

Sorry about the image. it’s all i could find. The bridge to nowhere. ANWAR drilling. Polar bears drowning. Untenable presidential candidates. Grizzly bears. These are the things that normally come to mind when you think of the issues facing Alaska residents. But, no, you would be wrong. REALLY what the biggest threat is….swarming South American […]



What do you get when you combine an experimental pesticide, a researcher with rugged good looks, and a whole shitload of yellowjackets? Well, mayhem, really, is what you get. Swarmed’s foxxy scientist lady is Carol Alt, remember her from the 80’s  Cover Girl ads? Well, now she’s a professor, and she’s working closely (very closely. […]

     Oh, it’s a disaster all right. Wow. The ridiculous dialogue was highlighted by the fact that several actors seemed to be speaking English as a second language. As my esteemed writing partner pointed out about the bear movie, it was clear that most of the avalanche action was stock footage spliced in to the […]

Post Impact


You can’t make me any happier without genetically engineered monsters. Space. Natural disaster. Post-apocalyptic world. The Eiffel Tower half leaning over like it’s trying to be Pisa, and covered in snow. And it’s set IN THE FUTURE!! (OK, 2010, but technically, that’s the future) So. Everyone’s all excited about this comet that’s going to go […]

Grizzly Rage


The beauty of this movie, which was filmed, evidently, at a former quarry for a cement company, neatly takes place basically in one location. Bunch of dumb college kids go up in the mountains for adventure and while driving hit and kill a baby grizzly bear cub, which sets the stage of Nature against the […]