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i’m beginning to think that the SciFi channel has it out for eco-tourism. There are one of three scenarios that will happen if a group of four young people head out into the woods for a day-long hike. The first one will be that they will be chased by a serial killer. But we don’t […]

Kraken Kills!


Well Maureen touched on most of the highlights of this movie, but i figured i’d throw in my two cents, which is basically all this movie is worth.  You know when a movie starts with a kid who survives a sea monster attack, the kid is going to grow up to go all Ahab on […]

I don’t think we reviewed Beyond Loch Ness, but this movie starts with the same premise: a boy is orphaned when his parents are hauled away by a crazy sea monster, and he grows up to be an adult looking for vengeance. That’s how he gets to be our valiant hero. I can’t remember the […]