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If you have not seen Shark Attack 1 or 2, do not despair. You will not have missed out on any subtle plot twists or character development that will interfere with your enjoyment of Shark Attack 3. And I betcha the other 2 didn’t have the Megalodon in it, which means they probably both sucked […]

Okay, i feel a little weird admitting this, but James Van Der Beek has turned out to be hot. I feel a bit like a dirty old woman because i was already in my late 20s and early 30s when i used to watch Dawson’s Creek and read TWoP’s reviews voraciously. I am still uncomfy […]



You know, we have Alfred Hitchcock to blame for our fear of cornfields, farming communities and open spaces. I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason that Ames, Iowa is not a bustling metropolis now, instead of say, Charlotte, NC.  I mention this only because, KAW! was a piss-poor re-interpretation of The Birds, only without the […]



This review will probably suck, because I wrote it and then it got lost in cyberspace so I have to do it again. Anyway, here we go again with the plane crash on an uncharted island. Our crew of WWII sassy female Air Force pilots are escorting a handsome Colonel, his crew, and their SUPER […]