Komodo v. Cobra


Komodo v. Cobra embodies all that is wonderful about the SciFi Channel on any given Saturday night. The only thing missing was Lance Henriksen. Stars Jerri Manthey of “Survivor” bitch fame.

Really awful acting. An entire cast of actors that you know you’ve seen before somewhere but you’re just not sure where. Terrible CGI. Scantily clad foxxy scientist/doctor lady, well-meaning researcher led astray by the promise of big funding, a deserted island, the military, a doomed black dude, a rogue hero (it’s Michael Pare! He was in Reign of the Gargoyles, too, I think), a dumb girl, a “this isn’t over” scene at the end and, best of all, a SECRET RESEARCH FACILITY. Not to be outdone by all the other mutant movies, there’s a lovely touching scene where one of the researchers uses his dying moments to tell the survivors that they shouldn’t have messed with nature.

And, of course, gigantic mutant komodo dragons and king cobras. The fight scene at the end is spectacular. If they had been able to finish their fight without being interrupted by bombs, the cobra would have totally kicked the komodo’s ass. A+. Highly recommended.


One Response to “Komodo v. Cobra”

  1. 1 David

    Haha just watched this. So bad is terrible, so terrible it’s almost brilliant

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