I wasn’t sure what kind of swarm this was just from watching the trailers. I assumed it was bees, or maybe flies, possibly locusts. I found out that termites can swarm, too. But I also know that the term “swarm” is used loosely in these movies. The old west guys in Copperhead kept saying there was a swarm of snakes, and I don’t think that’s really the correct term.

Anyway, it was bees. No wait. Wasps. Apparently, there is a distinction. And not just any old wasps. The genetically engineered kind that can’t be killed by Raid and have a homicidal tendency. But wait! There’s more! They don’t just kill people. They kind of infect them, or possess them, or something. They turn people into zomBEES. Or zom-wasps. Whatever.

There’s a cute kid in the movie, a priest, a guy with a dead twin brother, a wise old blind lady, some government agents, and Freddie Kruger. The foxxy doctor scientist lady turned out to be a double-crossing secret agent who may or may not have been an actual entymologist.

This one was just “eh”. Except that we all got to laugh at ourselves and all of the terribly clever jokes we made while we were watching.


2 Responses to “BLACK SWARM”

  1. When I picture you watching these movies, I always see you as the 4th shadow-head in front of the screen in Mystery Science Theater 3000.

  2. 2 Maria

    Veruca forgot to mention that Freddie Krueger lived on ELM STREET!

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