Caved In: Prehistoric Terror


All these years, people have been wondering, what ever happened to all that stuff from Land of the Lost? The sets, the special effects geniuses, the lame dialogue and supremely terrible acting…where has it been all these years? Well, here’s your answer. It was sitting around waiting for Christopher Atkins and Colm Meaney.

Christopher Atkins is some kind of exotic tour guide, a famous one, I guess, because he leads a bunch of bad guys into a caved-in mine after they slip him an envelope full of cashola. Of course, he didn’t know at the time that they were bad guys, even though most of them had goatees and were bald and smoked cigarettes and had bad foreign accents. Dead giveaway. Duh.

Anyway, they’re looking for a bunch of priceless emeralds, but instead they get GIANT PREHISTORIC KILLER BEETLES!!! This movie has it all. Washed up actors, really bad special effects, totally fake looking man-sized bugs, lots of entrails, and even a pretty rockin’ decapitation. Oh, and of course, the crazy big mama bug that shows up at the end. This fine piece of cinema is highly recommended.


3 Responses to “Caved In: Prehistoric Terror”

  1. entrails and a good decapitation? AND the mother insect?

    We should have seen an Oscar nomination for the screenplay. That’s good stuff.

  2. 2 Kim

    Was this THE Christopher Atkins of Blue Lagoon fame?

    Did he wear a shirt? Have his abs aged well?

  3. 3 Tracy

    Excellent review! I was saving this reading material for a moment when I could use a good laugh and you did not disappoint 🙂 Yeah, this is a must see…

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