Ice Spiders


The people visiting this lovely little ski resort in a remote mountain location have no idea what they’re in for. While a cocky ex-national champion famous for an Olympic wipeout coaches married couples and snotty high school kids, there is some nefarious business happening at a nearby research lab. Tinkering around with genetics and metabolism has resulted in the creation of a bunch of mutant spiders, who are not only venomous, colorful and gigantic, but also insatiably hungry. FOR FLESH!! Legs, mostly.

The hottie doctor/scientist lady and the washout ski coach do their best to protect the resort-goers after they lose communication with the outside world and their one forest ranger gets eaten. Of course, there is an evil doctor and a bunch of special forces military dudes, as well as a school bus full of kids.

The spider-CGI was just terrible. But probably not as terrible as the acting. No entrails or decapitations – they try to make up for it with a lot of dismembered limbs, but you know, it’s just not the same.

We laughed and laughed and laughed. I very highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes to cackle uncontrollably at movies that are not really supposed to be funny. icespiders


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