supergatorLocation: Hawaii. Opening scene: A couple making out by a waterfall and a lake (this exact waterfall and lake have been used in several of these movies). Their fate is obvious.

Then, we meet a group of volcano researchers, here to study some volcano activity in the area. They hang out at the bar and swimming pool for a while, then get ready to head out to take their measurements and collect their data. On the way, they run into Kelly McGills (who, by the way, looks AWFUL) and her pal, whose name I can’t remember, so let’s just call him the grizzled old hunter dude. Kelly and dude are there because there’s an animal on the loose. A prehistoric alligator that was genetically produced in a secret lab somewhere, which of course has escaped. They don’t want anyone to know, they’re just trying to find it and kill it before anyone finds out. Which never works.

Supergator is making his way around the island, picking off swimsuit models, random dudes in Jeeps, teenage boys, and college girls looking for adventure.  Once he runs out of those folks, our volcano experts are next in line to be eaten.

Whoever is left has to rush back to the resort because there’s a BIG LUAU about to start. Predictably, one of them tries to warn the event organizer, who accusers her of being crazy and says there’s no way he’s canceling the BIG LUAU because the tourists would all want their money back, and we all know we just can’t have that. Supergator arrives at the luau and mayhem ensues.

The giant sprays of CGI fake blood are probably the highlight of this movie. It also has really fantastic dialogue, such as, “I’m not high! You’re high!” and “This ain’t my first barbecue”. Also, as an added bonus, almost nobody survives this one.

I’ve seen Supergator 3 times and would happily watch it again. If you’re interested in this genre, it’s a must-see, a classic, a fine, fine piece of low-budget crappy cinema.


5 Responses to “Supergator”

  1. 1 kim

    I really wonder why physical affection is such a taboo in the creature flicks. You have to wonder if that couple would have made it if they were playing a rousing game of dungeons and dragons.

  2. 2 verucasalt

    I don’t know. Making out, drinking, or being a black dude are all an instant death sentence. But there are almost always two people left at the end, who have bonded due to their shared horror, and it seems perfectly safe for them to make out. Even if they’re covered in creature guts, a la Frankenfish.

  3. 3 Noriko Takaya

    WHERE on earth do you FIND these things?! And where can I rent them?

  4. 4 Mary

    Ok, so none of you noticed that Bianca Lawson was fat at the beginning of the movie then she was skinny, then fat then skinny again? Very noticable! She doesn’t even look like the same person! What’s up with that?

  5. 5 Windstorm

    I loved this movie. Cheesy goodness!

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