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Ice Spiders


The people visiting this lovely little ski resort in a remote mountain location have no idea what they’re in for. While a cocky ex-national champion famous for an Olympic wipeout coaches married couples and snotty high school kids, there is some nefarious business happening at a nearby research lab. Tinkering around with genetics and metabolism has […]

Carnosaur 2


We had a newbie with us on Tuesday night but were able to reassure her that not having seen Carnosaur I would not interfere with her appreciation for this one.   So this is a wacky departure, but apparently we have a secret government installation (Yucca Mountain) where something goes terribly awry, somehow allowing nuclear waste […]

Komodo v. Cobra


Komodo v. Cobra embodies all that is wonderful about the SciFi Channel on any given Saturday night. The only thing missing was Lance Henriksen. Stars Jerri Manthey of “Survivor” bitch fame. Really awful acting. An entire cast of actors that you know you’ve seen before somewhere but you’re just not sure where. Terrible CGI. Scantily […]

Okay, i feel a little weird admitting this, but James Van Der Beek has turned out to be hot. I feel a bit like a dirty old woman because i was already in my late 20s and early 30s when i used to watch Dawson’s Creek and read TWoP’s reviews voraciously. I am still uncomfy […]



You know, we have Alfred Hitchcock to blame for our fear of cornfields, farming communities and open spaces. I’m pretty sure that’s the main reason that Ames, Iowa is not a bustling metropolis now, instead of say, Charlotte, NC.  I mention this only because, KAW! was a piss-poor re-interpretation of The Birds, only without the […]



This review will probably suck, because I wrote it and then it got lost in cyberspace so I have to do it again. Anyway, here we go again with the plane crash on an uncharted island. Our crew of WWII sassy female Air Force pilots are escorting a handsome Colonel, his crew, and their SUPER […]

Kraken Kills!


Well Maureen touched on most of the highlights of this movie, but i figured i’d throw in my two cents, which is basically all this movie is worth.  You know when a movie starts with a kid who survives a sea monster attack, the kid is going to grow up to go all Ahab on […]