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Picture a beautiful day in the park. Blue skies, temperate weather, picnics, children playing everywhere. The children see these curious little twists of wind and start chasing them around. Until the little twists all join together into a GIANT MEGA TORNADO that rips the arm right off the Statue of Liberty. Our manly save-the-day hero is […]



Yeah, that’s the only title it needs. No subtitle or colon or parenthetical add-on. Just Ice. Poor Jake. First his girlfriends all break up with him, then his bike shop burns down…oh wait. Wrong show. We all remember Grant Show from Melrose Place. In this film, he’s back in LA, playing our good-looking tough guy […]

     Oh, it’s a disaster all right. Wow. The ridiculous dialogue was highlighted by the fact that several actors seemed to be speaking English as a second language. As my esteemed writing partner pointed out about the bear movie, it was clear that most of the avalanche action was stock footage spliced in to the […]

Post Impact


You can’t make me any happier without genetically engineered monsters. Space. Natural disaster. Post-apocalyptic world. The Eiffel Tower half leaning over like it’s trying to be Pisa, and covered in snow. And it’s set IN THE FUTURE!! (OK, 2010, but technically, that’s the future) So. Everyone’s all excited about this comet that’s going to go […]

This one’s got the usual SciFi quality graphics, which were awesomely bad. In a nutshell, every volcano in the world is about to erupt all at one time, so the on-the-fringe scientist and his crack team of grad students have to find a way to stop the extinction of all life on the planet. To […]

Days of Destruction tells the story of an asteriod. It could have hit the earth. It could have!!! But it didn’t. It went sailing right by. Unfortunately, it came close enough to push the earth’s orbit DANGEROUSLY CLOSE TO THE SUN. Temperatures soar and mayhem ensues. There are evil scientists with no conscience, looters in […]