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Location: Hawaii. Opening scene: A couple making out by a waterfall and a lake (this exact waterfall and lake have been used in several of these movies). Their fate is obvious. Then, we meet a group of volcano researchers, here to study some volcano activity in the area. They hang out at the bar and […]

The Bone Eater


Y’all think I am making up the title of this movie, but I’m not! This is a real movie! And you won’t even believe the star-studded cast. The guy who played Buck Rogers, the guy who played Greatest American Hero, Bruce Boxlightner, Roark Critchlow (of Komodo v. Cobra fame), and one of the guys from […]

Savage Planet


Sixty or so years into the future, the earth is to’ up. There’s been a nuclear war, the air is polluted so badly that people need gas masks to go outside, and riots are commonplace. The planet is dying, and the mega-corporations of the world are looking for a way to make things better for […]

First of all, this movie was made in 1972. We are going to be doing a little more of the “classic” stuff over the coming months, while still throwing in the more recent movies here and there. Stars Janet Leigh and DeForest Kelley. And a guy who we all just swore was the boat captain […]

All these years, people have been wondering, what ever happened to all that stuff from Land of the Lost? The sets, the special effects geniuses, the lame dialogue and supremely terrible acting…where has it been all these years? Well, here’s your answer. It was sitting around waiting for Christopher Atkins and Colm Meaney. Christopher Atkins […]



I wasn’t sure what kind of swarm this was just from watching the trailers. I assumed it was bees, or maybe flies, possibly locusts. I found out that termites can swarm, too. But I also know that the term “swarm” is used loosely in these movies. The old west guys in Copperhead kept saying there […]

This will be very brief. Crocodile 2: Death Swamp was the worst movie I’ve ever seen in my life. And I don’t mean it was a bad movie in the fantastic way of all of the other bad movies TJ and I write reviews for. They spent way too much time on stupid crap like […]